Chiropractic Care

The whole body is covered with nerves which all exit the spine to innervate all our organs, muscles, tendons, and joints. Therefore, painful or non-painful restrictions in the spine, can cause weaknesses and sensitivities, affecting the general health of the person. It can also cause specific aches and pains that may be due to irritated discs, nerves, muscles and joints.

The worse complications may be from the non-painful spinal restrictions that the person is not aware of and left undetected and uncorrected for long time.

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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Your chiropractor is trained in a wide variety of techniques to help you deal with the increased stresses of pregnancy on the body and will use safe, gentle techniques that are suitable for your condition. A woman’s body might change during pregnancy putting more or different strains on the ligaments and joints especially in the pelvis.

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Paediatric Chiropractic

Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from chiropractic care. Children who receive Chiropractic services have a foundation of wellness on which to grow.

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Corporate Workshops

Improve your culture

When employers offer top of the line benefits, recruitment, engagement, and retention rates improve. Investing in the wellness of each team member is an investment in the success of the entire company.