Paediatric Chiropractic

Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from chiropractic care. Children who receive Chiropractic services have a foundation of wellness on which to grow.

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Gentle Chiropractic techniques are suitable for infants and children at all stages of development. We will assess your child to see what might help.

  • An initial consultation will comprise a detailed discussion about your concerns if any, usually imbalances that you or another health care professional has noticed on your baby or child.
  • Parents also bring their babies and children for a check-up, without necessarily having any signs or symptoms.
  • We will assess and remove any tightness in the spine and muscles, thus creating a nice start in life with a balanced musculoskeletal system.
  • The treatment for babies and young children is modified using a slight pressure (sustained release) most commonly rather than the manipulative or adjustment technique used on adults
  • Techniques used on babies and children are delicate, careful and always tailored for the individual
  • The gentle techniques of chiropractic could help soothe and relax your baby

Pediatric Care Q&A


Why would a child need a chiropractor?

Children can suffer from back pain just like adults. Many of the spine dysfunctions experienced in adulthood can start from very early in life even from birth. Addressing these problems early can offset severe complications later in life.

Kids who participate in athletics and dance also benefit from chiropractic treatment. Repetitive movements can create muscle imbalances and postural irregularities that chiropractic care addresses.

The post covid era, with the kids’ new norm to spend hours and hours in front of the screen, has a tremendous negative effect on them in many different ways. One of them is the unprecedented postural distortion patterns from stress on their spine.

Trauma or injury, from a fall or a bike accident, for example, also warrants chiropractic care. Even if your child doesn’t complain about pain after an injury, it’s good to have him checked out to see if misalignments of the spine may have occurred. These misalignments can show up later in life as chronic dysfunction and postural imbalances.


Is chiropractic care safe for children?

A chiropractor who’s educated in the paediatric population, such as Dr. Pedersen, knows how to work with children and their smaller, more delicate bodies. Dr. Pedersen is highly skilled to use very gentle yet effective techniques that can remove build up tension in your child’s spine and muscles. These techniques can be more thorough than traditional chiropractic methods and are tailored to the individual child.

How old does my child need to be to receive care?

We always encourage Chiropractic to start at young age and the earlier we can check a spine the better. We can check your newborn shortly after being born as birth can cause tension in the spine and muscles. Infants, toddlers, school-age kids, and teens can all benefit from visiting us.

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